About The Mime

Following an afternoon viewing of Saving Silverman I pondered whether or not mimes do indeed talk when they’re off duty. I mean unless they’re goddamn mutes they pretty much have to talk, right? Simple science right there. If those crazy assholes are hilarious while covered in L’Oreal cover-up powder and completely silent, then they gotta be stupid funny when off the job and verbally communicating.

So I slept on that thought. Then I consulted some of my peers. Then I signed up for a Costco membership. Then I took a nap.

When I awoke I made account on WordPress. Then I hired some ex-cons. Now we write about anything and everything you want to read about. So, if you’re into premium written entertainment, swing by The Off Duty Mime. It’s worth at least a brief skim while on the john.

Current Writers:

JD McGriddle – Milwaukee, WI

President & CEO/Summer Intern. His parents actually named in honor of a delicious fast food treat. Once taught Bill Nye TWO new science facts in the same day. Enjoys sandwiches, Grover AND Moses Cleveland, and the song stylings of Lil’ Troy. 

5Piece Thuggets – Madison, WI

VP & All 12 members of the board of trustees. Born a baby, transformed into a he-man. Can out run a gazelle driving a space ship. Hates how much people fear him. Enjoys piano lessons and Chaco Tacos.

Kleinz 57 – Madison, WI

Senior Editor by day, Director of Accounting by night (he prefers cheese peddler). Occasional member of the mustache club. Only writer here who can spell ‘hors d’oeuvres’ on the first try. Would literally take a bullet for an unopened bottle of Dijon mustard. Enjoys movies and constellations.

Sonion Rings – Chicago, IL

CFO & Director of Security. On America’s ‘No Fly’ list because he once hammer-curled a Bald Eagle. Genuine family man. Volunteers his time at Toys for Tots even when its not Christmas time. Enjoys pull-ups and english muffins. 

Green Eggs n Pink Ham – Boston, MA

Director of PR & The Mime Street Soldiers Head Coach (dance team currently in the works). Also pilots/DJs the corporate jet themed parties. Seasoned blogging vet. Been around every block ever built. Enjoys grilling meats and slight breezes. 

Gumby Bearz – St. Paul, MN

Head of The Mime’s Social Media Team & Resident FBI (Female Body Inspector). In his free time he enjoys bare knuckle boxing and hosting wine cooler tastings. Helped Macy Gray successfully sue Macy’s for one trillion gold shekels. Pulled off numerous heists in his younger days. Enjoys Boyz II Men and turtlenecks in the summer.

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