Underrated Hottie of the Week

5 02 2013

Katie Cassidy

Katie Cassidy

Maybe you guys can help me out with this one. Does anyone know who this chick is? Because I sure as hell didn’t until about two seconds ago. And I’ll tell you what, I feel like I’ve been living in darkness until I saw her picture for the first time. Allegory of the cave type of shit. Turns out my realities were just a bunch of shadows. My shits all upside down. All the chicks I thought were certified babes, aren’t that great any more. Not to mention, my tuggin material is all pretty much obsolete too.

Well if you’re like me, and have no clue who Katie Cassidy is, get ready for some knowledge. If you do know who she is, shut yer yapper and soak in hot chick greatness.

Katie is the daughter of teen idol David Cassidy. Didn’t really care too much about Davey Cassidy up to this point, but the news that he might’ve made the hottest daughter ever really spikes his stock in my book. She’s 26 and her and I, get this, HAVE THE SAME MOTHERFLIPPIN BIRTHDAY. So yeah, we’re basically soul mates. Alright, I’ll relax. Anyways she’s an actress, you might know her as Laurel Lance on the CW’s Arrow (probably not though if you’re straight and what not). She’s also been in CBS’s Harper Island, and a bunch of other shows on the CW. That explains why I don’t know her. Haven’t watched the CW since it was The WB and Smart Guy was my shiznit. Actually thought you had to be a 14 year old girl to watch the CW. I guess Katie has also been in a few movies, none of which I’ve seen – When A Stranger Calls, Nightmare on Elm Street, Monte Carlo, and a few more nobody cares about.

Decent career for a 26 year old. By that I mean not so decent. She must be an awful actress because sweet lord she is like the hottest woman I’ve ever seen. Assuming she started out in Hollywood at 18, how has she been so hot, but stayed so unknown in eight goddamn years? Especially considering her pops is David Cassidy? Dude was on the Partridge Family. That was before my time, but it seems like he has some pull to get his smoking hot daughter whatever TV and movie roles she wants. Guess not.

Well you’re out of your mind if you think I’m not tuning into the CW from this day forward. If Katie C is on there, then I’m on there too.

Here’s a couple more photos for you to enjoy.



– JD



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