Sup With The Mime These Days, JD?

29 01 2013



Sup Mime compadres? Your favorite pal JD is back behind the wheel! Alright, enough applause, I get it, I get it, I’m awesome.

First and foremost, I’ll address the picture with the cat and the Asian dude. I googled “huh” and that’s what came up. Seemed like a good fit. So yeah, per usual I’m putting in the man hours to bring you the all the best visuals the internet has to offer.

Now, more importantly, I’ll address the Mime’s status these days. Most of you have probably noticed I’m not writing like twenty top notch humorous posts a day any more. Productivity has significantly dropped off at Mime headquarters, folks. It’s no mystery. I’d like to blame it on something like we just put in a sweet ass pinball machine, or taped up an Alexis Texas poster in the men’s room, but truth be told neither of those great excuses are the case. Nope, instead it’s because your head honcho aka JD mccrossianwich aka me, took a new job. Yep, the rumors are true folks. Finally got out of the hell hole I called my former gig. Decided it was time for change. Some might say I finally got a “big boy job” but let’s be honest, I crossed the big boy job threshold long ago when I waited tables at Assless Chap Jackson’s Steakhouse in the gay part of the warehouse district back in high school. But that’s not the point.

What I’m getting at is I have responsibilities now people. I’ve gotta “do stuff” and “achieve things”. Trust me, I’m not thrilled about it either. I bought a pea coat a few weeks ago for christsake. Had to finally hang up the velour Harlem Globetrotters coat for good. And that thing kept me warm. It was a sad day for all. So as you can imagine, I can’t waste company time writing mindless mime posts all day any more. In fact, the Mime is BLOCKED at my new company. Lame, I know. I actually suggested OW’s be mandatory reading prior to Monday meetings, but the idea was shot down by everyone and by that I mean I totally didn’t suggest that at all.


Step back from that ledge my friend. Don’t un-bookmark us quite yet. This does not mean this is the end of the mime. Far from it. We’re just getting started yo! Sometimes it takes desperate times to get results. By that I mean maybe now 5piece and Sonny Ringz will finally write a post more than once every five years. Heaven knows I need them now more than ever. Well heaven probably doesn’t know that, but my neighbor Bruce does. Basically because I told him that earlier this evening. But what my neighbor Bruce knows is beyond the point. Dudes a tool anyways. Bruce, if you’re reading this, take your Christmas lights down already dickhead. It’s February.

Don’t give up on the mime quite yet, America. Your boy JD still has some gas left in the blogging tank. It’s at like a quarter tank, but still, there’s gas in there goddamn it. Keep Mimin.


– JD





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