Meet The Newest Mime

10 01 2013

Everyone drop your TI-83 and give a warm mime welcome to Rob aka I haven’t thought up a name yet. A new year, a new writer is what I always say. Ok I said that once. Just now. But I’m going to start saying it, I can promise you that. Sadly, HAM Sangwich wasn’t working out here at TODM headquarters. I don’t want to publish any private work related grievances but let’s just say I caught him stealing 3 musketeers bars from the vending machine on MULTIPLE occasions, if you know what I mean. He, ahhh, stole some candy bars. So yeah, I canned him. That’s just how I roll. But enough about the Sang Man. We hardly knew ye.

Let’s get to the man of the hour.


Dude fits in at the mime like OJ’s wiener fit in that glove. He might not have a name yet, but don’t let that fool you. No-name is mime material through and through. Just check the photo. Thought he was about to jump out of my computer screen and do some glass box routines that’s how mime-y he is.

Little background on TODM’s newest member. He’s 46. Or 23. Forget which one. Dude went to my high school, the high school o’ hard knocks, so of course we go way back. This also means he’s been around the block a few times. Legend has it he once met Regis Philbin. And rumor has it he runs numerous off shore robot manufacturing facilities. So when everything that happened in iRobot happens in real life, you know who to blame.

Stay tuned for more, including a mime name. If he’s anything like the rest of our mime army you’ll get a taste of his writings sometime in mid-May.

– JD




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