Underrated Hottie of the Week

8 01 2013

Hannah Davis aka the DirecTV Genie chick

Hannah Davis

If you’ve watched ESPN in the last month chances are you’ve seen this minx. If you’re a heterosexual male, you probably blasted a magnum chub the second you and her locked eyes. Not your fault, it’s completely natural. Don’t blame your wang, that’s sciences fault. And since I feel like it’s my duty to bring mime compadres info on unknown boner-enducing babes, I went deep into the vaults of the internet, did some digging and figured out who she is.

Her name is Hannah Davis and she’s a model from the virgin islands. Although if I know Hannah like I think I do, there’s nothin virgin about her island, am I right!? Ok. I’ll stop. Anywho, she was discovered when she was fourteen and has been modeling ever since. Well done for the dude who scoped her out on a St. Thomas beach at 14. Not creepy at all there, buddy. Nowadays she does work for Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret and most recently, this DirecTV commercial. Apparently, she’s been porking Derek Jeter too. Wikipedia lists her interests as “clothing and jewelry design and production”. No shit, wiki. Last I checked those are like the only two things models are ever interested in.

But let’s not get hung up in pointless info learned on Wikipedia. The main theme of this post is that Hannah is a total sizzler, and she’s underrated as shit. She’s only 22, so part of that can be attributed to young age, but I’d say another part of it is due to her incredibly scary/yet sexy eyes. I get the feeling guys have a real tough time starring into those bad boys. I did and I wizzed my pants. Never thought I’d be raving about a 3 second clip of a chick with a flat screen TV on her lap. We can’t even see any of the good stuff and I’m still harder than that ESPN sports science dude is for science.

I’d assume we’ll be seeing a lot more of Hannah Davis in the near future. So congrats on the underrated nod, Ms. Davis. Now do us all a solid and ditch Derek Jeter, dude is a massive tool and way out of your age bracket.

Couple more pics for the road

Hannah Davis


Thanks to Who is that hot ad girl? for the inside info.

– JD



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19 01 2013

I’d bang her until my weiner broke.

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