The Mime Turns One

4 01 2013



That day is upon us, America. Everyone put down your excel spreadsheet and pick up some confetti and a glass of bubbly. Let’s toast to everyone’s favorite comedy blog turning the big 1. It’s been a wild first year to say the least. I already laid out the best of TODM in 2012 a few weeks ago. If you haven’t had a chance to take a peek at it, check it out here. I’d like to think we’ve come a long way since I first wandered onto wordpress that cold January night last year, but let’s be honest, we really haven’t. The only day we managed to go over 1,500 pageviews was coincidentally during Hurricane Sandy’s wrath. So I have to assume either all our East Coast Mime compadres were hunkered down reading OW’s while riding out the storm, or a pack of sewer rats canoed into a server at the wordpress headquarters and jacked up our view count. Let’s hope it was the first one, because possibility of a pack of sewer rats learning to commandeer a canoe and terrorize the streets is pretty damn frightening.

Like any one year old, we’ve certainly learned a lot since our birth. I’d say the most important thing we’ve learned is that ex-cons are extremely unreliable bloggers to have on staff. Christ, I still haven’t seen HAM Sangwich walk through Mime headquarters doors once. As far as I know he’s more concerned with going to “law school” and “learning” and “furthering his career” and “making money”. Hey, his loss right? Plus don’t get me going on 5Piece. If dude betrays the mime once more we’re going to have to burn off his mime tramp stamp and exile him from the club. I get it, I get it, I’ve bitched enough publicly about how awfully unreliable every single mime writer besides the chup man is. Been there, done that, got like twelve t-shirts, right?

Enough negative shit. Let’s talk turkey and by turkey I mean the upcoming year. As you can imagine, we’ve got some exciting shit planned for 2013. Don’t get too comfy because just when you think you’ve got the mime all figured out, BOOM! we take a sharp left turn and your mind is blown. Just when you’re getting sick of reading about that new Adrian Brody movie, KAPOW! condiment king drops a Brazzers porno review all up in your grill. Just when the underrated hottie isn’t giving you a chubby any more, SHA-WING! an unexpected hottie has you busting through your corduroys. Now I don’t want to spoil too many of the surprises, so stay tuned. There’s also a rumor on the street that the mime’s own Green Eggz n Pink Ham got promoted and will soon be contributing more. Can’t say for sure as the kid is straight ninja like in his public appearances. No joke he appears in the middle of the night, spins a couple anthems on the ones and twos and disappears for 8 months. Guess that’s what happens when you’z a east coast kingpin.

Anyways, thanks for reading for exactly one year now. We appreciate the support.


In honor of the special day, our boy R had a little something to say.



– JD






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4 01 2013

Hey, nice blog I look forward to more

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