How Does Yesterday Stack Up Against The Best Sports Days of The Year?

17 12 2012


If you’re a normal, oxygen-breathing, calzone eating, youporn visiting, red blooded American man you probably spent the majority of yesterday on the couch glued to the TV watching NFL game after NFL game after NFL game. I know I did. After the unimaginable tragedy on Friday making it seem like nothing is right in this world, a Sunday packed with football, beer and wheat thins was just what the doctor ordered. And what a day of football it was. Overtime thrillers, division rival defensive showdowns, comeback stories, I felt like I was in the middle of a NFL Films footage cutting session all day. By the end of the Patriots – 49ers game I have to assume ESPN breathed a massive sign of relief. Just exhaling like their AIDS test came back negative. Because sweet lord were they hyping up yesterday’s menu of piping hot NFL match ups like it was the greatest sports day to hit our nation ever. That’s all I heard Friday and Saturday on Sports Center. Herm Edwards screaming meaningless stuff about determination, Chris Mortensen reporting on field conditions at like six different stadiums, Rachel Nichols getting less hot and more annoying.

Luckily for them, the slate of awesome games basically lived up to the hype. Just when the Sunday Night game looked to be a total blowout and waste of three hours, Tom Brady and his Uggs roared back to life and made it a game. It was beautiful.

So it got me thinking, how does a great Sunday of NFL games stack up against every other day of the year in terms of sports awesomeness? I’d argue that it can give any of the classic great sports days a run for their money. Think about it. Usually the great NFL sundays are during late fall or winter. That means the weather probably sucks out. Unless you’re six years old and into building snowmen and skipping through freshly fallen powder, you probably want to stay inside all day. What better excuse than to watch 12 hours of football? It’s also a time of year where malls and stores are goddamn nightmares to go to. So what better way to say fuck you retail, I’m doing my shopping online this year motherfucker than a day where you vow to never leave the couch?

Here are the sporting days I think can compete with yesterday’s football-fest. The rest, simply cannot.

1. Opening day of March Madness

2. 24 hours of college basketball tip off

3. Christmas day NBA games

4. The Super Bowl

5. New Years Day college football

6. Sunday of the Masters

7. One of those random middle days of the Summer Olympics


That’s pretty much it though. Why is Thanksgiving Day football not on the list, JD? Ahh, maybe because the Lions and the Cowboys always play. They usually suck, so the games usually do too. Don’t get me wrong I love me some Thanksgiving football but it doesn’t stack up in comparison to the rest. The Olympics barely made the cut because, let’s be honest, it’s usually track and field and diving and gymnastics. Not the most exciting stuff. But I will say watching Jamaica sweep the 100 meter and then watching Mikey Phelps crush China’s ass in swimming on the same night was pretty enjoyable. I still stick by my number one – theopening day of March Madness. Sure, you could make an argument for a day later in the tournament, say during the Sweet 16, has better games, but I still think that first day is the best. Everyone’s all pumped, thinking their bracket is the best, usually there are couple upsets in the mix, there’s like 20 games being played at once, it’s pure sports magic.

Congrats to Rog Goodell for throwing together a baller week 15 NFL schedule. If yesterday was any indication, we should be in for a hell of a postseason in January.


– JD




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