Some Advice for Kevin “Why Aren’t We NBA Champions Yet?” Love

13 12 2012

Kevin Love

Since we’re a blog chock full o Timberwolves fans it feels necessary to toss some brotherly advice to the Wolves’ messiah/biggest critic, Kevin Love. Since coming to Minnesota in 2008, following a draft day trade that sent OJ Mayo to Memphis, K Love has cemented his status as the Wolves best player. Despite the Wolves largely sucking wang and missing the playoffs in all four seasons Kevin has been around, dudes been a statistical beast. He’s averaged a double-double in three of the four seasons, led the NBA in rebounding the last two seasons, set numerous T Wolves team scoring records, he even had a goddamn 31 and 31 game. It’s safe to say, had the Wolves not been consistent under-performers in the last two seasons, he’d certainly have had more legitimacy in the NBA MVP conversation.

Enough about K Love’s in-game domination. Everyone knows he’s a beast child by now. Also dudes about the most un-toned dude on the court too, yet he pushes people around like rag dolls in the paint. Just hitting the glass like a gorilla on bath salts. I don’t get it, I guess he’s just got that man strength. As we know, the issues with Kevin Love have pretty much been entirely off court. Aside from a few suspensions for unsportsmanlike conduct such as the time he curb stomped Luis Scola’s face, he’s always been a fair and respectable competitor.

And I’m not talking about off court problems like disappearing to a trap house in East St. Paul mainlining ketamine for weeks or screaming anti-semetic remarks at a temple in St. Louis Park. I’m talking about Kevin Love always having a hard time not running his mouth about stuff he shouldn’t be talking about. More times than not, the central point of his remarks revolve around his displeasure with the front office and the Wolves lack of success. In fact, just yesterday Kevo was at it again, wondering out-loud if David Kahn actually has a “plan”, among other things. Before we dive into that, I’d like to remind you of his past media slip ups – 2009’s “accidental” tweet that McHale was fired, 2012’s displeasure with the Timberwolves’ failure to make the playoffs and let’s not forget this past summer’s impatient rant.

Now most NBA fans would say, jeez JD relax, Kevin Love is a media cherub angel compared to just about every other egomaniacal pro athlete who can’t shut his yapper. That may be true, but the point I’m trying to make here isn’t that Kevin Love is a crazy attention hungry Terrell Owens Jr. The point I’m trying to make is the guy has made it very clear that he’s unhappy with his situation in Minnesota, and to most outsiders looking in, that discontent is totally unwarranted.

Let’s review Kevin’s last four years. He was drafted by Memphis in 2008 and traded to the Timberwolves within hours. He signed a phat rookie contract and spent his rookie season building his skills, eventually developing into one of the top rookies in the league. Following the 2009-2010 season the Wolves got rid of Al Jefferson, making it clear K Love was their franchise big man. The 2010-2011 season was Kevo’s breakout season where he established himself as one of the elite players in the league, even winning the leagues Most Improved Player. In January of 2012, he signed a big ol $65 million, four year contract extension, the Wolves were in the playoff hunt until Ricky Rubio blew out his knee in early March. The T-Wolves still finished 26-40, their best record since 07. As of December 13, 2012, the Wolves are 10-9, have won two in a row, and Ricky is slated to be back on the hardwood within a week.

Call me crazy but it looks to me as though during Kevin Love’s first four seasons, there has been steady improvement year by year. Not only is his individual game improving, but the Timberwolves are also getting more and more competitive as a team. For all the nerds out there, what I mean is if I had a flow chart or some excel spreadsheet you’d see a line going up and to the right. Yet for some reason, Kevin can’t keep from bitching about a lack of long-term “plan” and reminding everyone how impatient he is.

Here’s the deal. Kev-bone, first and foremost you need to keep in mind that you play for the Minnesota Timberwolves. I’ll say that again, the Minnesota fucking Timberwolves. Not the Lakers, not the Spurs, not the Celtics. Don’t need to be an NBA history buff to know that in the 23 glorious years of existence, the Wolves have essentially achieved jack squat. You also should understand that since 2004, and KG’s departure in 07, the Wolves have been bottom feeders of the league. That’s why they were able to get you…and Ricky. Because they suck. However, since you showed up, things have actually been getting better. Records have improved, more pieces to the puzzle have shown up and most Minnesotans feel that this season is the season for the Wolves to finally make it back to the playoffs. Christ, you guys are 10-9 with JJ Barrea and Luke Ridnour splitting time at point guard! That’s currently 7th in the Western Conference! Davey Kahn spent all off season assembling a team that can actually compete for once. Sure, the roster’s a little thin on black guys, but who gives a shit? We’ve finally got some talent!

The bottom line is Kevin, buddy, you’re 24. That’s young as shit. Look at how many years of his career KG spent in mediocrity with the Wolves. Did he complain once? Not that I remember. You’ve been in Minnesota four years and you’ve been bitching since you got here. I’d understand the impatience if you were a member of a perennial contender. But you’re fucking not! A wise man once said patience is divine, so sack up and be patient. That wise man was pretty damn wise. So heed his advice and chill the fuck out. Clearly there’s a master plan. Why the fuck do you think a few years back the entire front office was gutted and replaced? Glen Taylor and Kevin McHale are gone. You should be sprinting naked through the streets screaming for joy because of that. With Ricky back, Shved getting better, Pek staying healthy, Andrei doing his dragon tatted thing and you down low, we can contend with anybody, bro!

So, please, pull an Aaron Rodgers and stay off Twitter during the season, quit bitching about not being in the NBA Finals this very second and continue improving your game. You’ll get there brah. Also promise me you’ll cool it on the knuckle pushups. Not trying to see you shatter your wrist doing downward facing dog in a Bikram Yoga session.


– JD

PS – If in like three years the Wolves still haven’t done shit, then I don’t blame you one bit for being pissed. Run for the hills and by hills I mean a big market team.




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