RIP Northern Xposure

16 11 2012

The time has come everybody. The time to say goodbye.

This is officially Northern Xposure’s last post ever. Yeah, yeah go ahead pop some champagne you degenerate hobos. For those mime compadres who moderately enjoyed the segment, I’m sorry for your loss. Northern X was a good man. Little lazy, fat as shit, but a good man nonetheless. Feel free to head on back to the million other websites for your weekly NFC North fix. You’re not going to find that here. We sure had some good times though huh? Man. Remember when Northern X chugged four cans of corn and then had to go to the doctor for an irregular heartbeat? Classic.

In all seriousness, thanks for humoring me in my quest to write about a little football. It is clear to me now that I should stick to writing about nipples, hangovers and Kent Brockman.

Before we seal the vault on the NX coffin, I’ll leave you with this. Not sure if any of you have been to the Metrodome in Minneapolis for a Vikings game, if not, you should. JK. Place is the worst, don’t go. But, no joke this is the video they play before every game. Have been ever since I can remember. Watch it and try not to laugh so hard your dick explodes.

– JD

PS – Shout out to the Chicago Bears and their queer-less leader 5Piece Thuggets for all the sweet posts! Get concussed.




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