Underrated Hottie of the Week

12 11 2012

Paula Broadwell

It’s Monday, I’m still hungover and its cold as shit out. Perfect time to heat things up with an underrated hottie. Today’s featured babe, Paula Broadwell, has been blowing up the internet the last few days due to her alleged involvement in the adultry scandal of CIA Director, David Petraeus. Paula is a “writer, academic and anti-terrorism professional”, and she’s best known for co-authoring a NY Times best seller biography of Petraeus, released in January. Naturally, she’s underrated as fuck because unless you like to read books and/or watch MSNBC all day long, you’d have no clue who she is. So before every single website ever invented has pictures of this academic sex kitten plastered on their homepage, the mime’s going to get in on the action.

Aside from being the Director of the CIA and most certainly a massive badass and rich beyond belief, keep in mind Davey Petraeus is kind of an odd looking cat.

Plus his wife looks like this:

Damn girl!

Got that naughty lunch lady vibe going. Minus the naughty, plus the what looks to be angry/bitchy. That bob haircut probably needs to go, too. Was sexy in 72′, not so much anymore.

Few  details have emerged on exactly what went down, but here at the mime we like to do a lot of speculating. Our speculations are usually extremely inaccurate. Here’s what probably happened. We know Paula had to have spent significant amounts of time with David Petraeus for this biography. Shadow him during his daily routine, extensive interviews, study his habits and mannerisms, you name it she was on it. That apparently also included extensive dong studies. Probably started realizing she wanted to bang him during ummm, I don’t know, maybe the first interview? It’s like that Chapelle bit about Bill Clinton, she wanted to fuck a powerful man. Meanwhile Davey P was probably thinking nobody could ever possibly find out about it. He’s the goddamn director of the CIA for christsake! Dude takes shits that are classified information. Plus the broad is doing a biography on him. Sounds like the perfect cover. “Honey why are your pants down and her hand is on your wiener?” “Biography research, babe, relax”.

Well apparently he was wrong. WAY wrong. He lost his job, his reputation and possibly his family. Luckily for Paula, she should emerge from this thing relatively unscathed. I mean, aside from a high profile sex scandal being on her record for ever and ever and what not. She’s got stories galore for what we can hope will be a tell-all book on the affair, certain multi-million dollar offers from Playboy and a boatload of publicity. Check that, I’m being told her family life is in ruins as well.

Well I guess the moral of this story is in 2012 having a top secret honey on the side is literally impossible.

Here are a few more photos of Mrs. Broadwell, congrats on making the mime’s list of underrated hotties. You’re in good company.

– JD



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