Northern Xposure Week 7: Vikings postgame

22 10 2012

By Kleinz 57

Well this is kinda weird. A week out from a pretty pathetic butt-romping courtesy of RGIII and the Vikes rebound with a solid if not spectacular win over the Cardinals.

This game felt like those boozy desperation dart games, that point in the night where you’re three too many Jäger shots in and half worried you’ll yack before this hellish contest of closing out 18s five times over finishes. So what do you do? You whip all three at the board and hope something sticks. That’s what Ponder did yesterday, too, bricking passes to Minnesota receivers and Arizona defenders alike. What’s one interception? We’re all brothers on this earth. Screw it. Let’s throw another one. Why not? Ponder’s abysmal second half performance — completing one of just seven attempts for four yards — was a perfect microcosm for a terrible all around fourth quarter display. The entire offense has just two first downs in the second half. TWO.

Adrian Peterson had 153 yards over 22 carries, averaging roughly 7 yds/carry something something Adrian Peterson. John Skelton got absolutely destroyed, getting sacked 7 times, which helped hide the fact that Vikings tackling was just awful this game, and arguably the worst it’s been all year.

Ugly. Ugly ugly ugly.




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