Northern Xposure Week 7: Packers Postgame

22 10 2012

As I basically predicted, Northern Xposure is limping through the meat of the season. So far I’ve received mixed feedback on the segment, and by mixed I mean mostly negative stuff. Weird huh. I figured with out country’s serious lack of NFL game analysis on the interwebs, Northern Xposure would totally kill it. Guess some things just don’t make sense. Oh well. Let’s ride it out for a few more weeks before we take #NX out back and end things old yeller style.

Now where was I? Ohh…right. The Packers. 4-3. TDs on TDs on TDs. Mojo officially back.

Yesterday’s game went about exactly how I thought it would go. A relatively close game on paper that never felt close by any means. Even though the Rams narrowed the lead to seven early in the fourth, everyone and their Dad knew who was coming out on top. A-Rog was en fuego all game long, Randall Cobb continued to prove he could probably be a number one receiver on a lot of other NFL teams and the D kept Sammy Bradford in check all game long (which, let’s be real, isn’t much of an accomplishment). Shit, even injuries and drops from Jermichael were minimal. I’d say about the only real glaring issue was Alex Green and his 1.75 yards per carry. C’mon breh. I mean I know the Rams D is good against the run, but at least bust out one run for more than six yards. I thought frosted tips = being a baller?

So this brings us to the midway point of the 2012 season. These next three Sunday’s should be easy ones. Should be. The Cardinals look absolutely terrible, as of yesterday afternoon the Jaguars entire offense is hurt and unless they get their shit together in Chicago on MNF tonight, the Lions aint lookin so hot either. Of course, you never know with the NFL. For example, the Jags could come to Lambeau with Jesus as their starting QB next week and torch us for 15 TDs. You just don’t know.

– JD


UPDATE: Spoke too soon. Chuck Woodson’s out for six weeks with a broken collarbone. Fug meee.




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