Underrated Hottie of the Week

19 10 2012

Julie Bowen


Hey girl.

I know before I even begin this underrated hottie, many of you are wondering why I gave the nod to the Mom from Modern Family. She’s old bro! She’s had like five kids already dude! She’s 42 cuz! I know all of those things and I don’t care. Jules is a certified smoke stack and she’s been under-appreciated in Hollywood for far too long. I mean prior to Modern Family nobody knew who the fug she was. Nobody. Maybe a couple Boston Legal fans recognized her, but let’s be real, nobody watched Boston Legal. Show sucked major balls. Ohh look at me I’m from Boston, I’m a lawyer, I’m in court yelling things blah blah blah. Nobody cares dude. Either include a topless scene from Jules or cancel this show asap.

In my eyes Julie Bowen is a way hotter version of the mom on According to Jim. And belie me, when I was 12, I thought the mom on According To Jim was a babe. One of those how the fuck would Jim Belushi ever have a shot with her in real life kind of hot. Speaking of the Mom on According To Jim, anyone ever see Norm MacDonald tear her apart on Conan? Shit is hilarious. Clearly According to Jim‘s wife was a snooze-fest of an interview, but that’s beyond the point.

Julie motherflippin Bowen. She’s 42, had three kids and she has a pacemaker! Usually those are strikes uno, dos and three y’all. Not today. Jules pulled a check swing on that pacemaker outside fastball and reached first on a walk. Personally, I think its a classic case of getting hotter as you get older. It’s like Elaine from Seinfeld. Back in the day she was cute, but all those weird 90s hairstyles just didn’t do it for me. Check her out now and it’s like damn! How you get all a dat in dem jeans? Same can be said for Julie B. I mean did anyone see her in Weeds?

Enough said.




MILF city.


– JD




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