Northern Xposure Week 6: Packers Texans Preview

14 10 2012

Wattup Faith Hill.

I’ll go on record and say if the Packers lose this game they probably won’t make the playoffs. Green Bay needs to prove they can beat good NFL teams with the team they currently have. Can’t even think about leaning on the injuries excuse. Cedric’s not back til, optimally, early December and who knows when Greggy’s groin will be fixed (for all the ladies of Green Bay, let’s hope real soon). The Green and Gold need to prove that even with a decimated team, we can still hang with the big boys. Aside from the week two sack-fest destruction of the Bears, domination hasn’t even been in the Packers’ vocabulary. This season’s been a few great quarters of football and a boatload of mediocre ones. If the Pack want to make a climb back into the thick of things in the NFC North, they can’t ask for a better opportunity than ending the Texans perfect season prematurely. Silencing the angry mob of critics with a spectacular performance is just what the doctor ordered.

Of course all this is easier typed on a virus-laden laptop than done, especially considering with this shaky O Line, JJ Watt will most certainly be up on A Rodge’s jock all game.

Dude’s built like a squat rack and he has a 90″ vertical.

I don’t see how Watt matching up against every single o lineman on the Packers’ roster doesn’t end poorly for GB. If McCarthy doesn’t have a Perkins menu chock full o plays that get Rodgers throwing on the run, and out of the pocket then we need to seriously reconsider him as playcaller. On the other side of things, Brian Cushing’s season ending injury could prove to be huge if Alex Green can get some sort of run game going and HOLD ON TO THE MOTHERFUCKING FOOTBALL.

Trying to contain Arian is almost a waste of time, guys just too good. If the Pack can get a few turnovers off of Schaub, though, that’d be crucial.

Should be a fun one.

28-24 Packers




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