Northern Xposure Week 5: Pack Recap

8 10 2012

Well, we just got lucked in the ass yesterday.

Andrew Luck’s the real deal folks. His face might be busted, but his game sure aint. I know it, Gary Breadsticks knows it, shit I think even my Mom understands he’s about to be real good. Despite yesterday’s complete offensive collapse from the Packers, the majority of the credit needs to go to Luck and his right hand man, Reggie Wayne. They took over in the fourth quarter. Actually reminded me of our A-rodge replacing Brett Favre situation a few years back. Letting his game do the talking. Forcing everyone in Indiana refer to Peyton Manning as that dude from those surprisingly hilarious Buick commercials and not the QB they still wish they had.

The sort-of good news in this whole thing is none of the three possibly devastating injuries Ced, Jermichael and B.J. suffered in yesterday’s game appear to be season ending. Thank fuggin god. Benson’s foot x rays were negative, Jermichael was kept out of the rest of the game for “precautionary reasons” (or maybe just because the dude couldn’t catch AIDS in a San Francisco bathhouse) and B.J. appears to have no significant structural damage to his ankle. Things could be a lot worse.

Sitting 2-3 going into a tough ass matchup AT Houston on SNF is not where anyone thought we’d be. I’m hearing the word ‘overrated’ and I hate to say it, but it’s getting tougher and tougher to argue against it. Especially considering the purple (gay)people eaters and Chicago are both 4-1. Let’s hope Faith Hill’s sexy pre-game song motivates Mike McCarthy to delegate play calling to Tom Clements because I don’t know how many more inexcusable three-and-outs I can handle.

PS  – Coach McCarthy definitely looks like Plankton

– JD




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