Northern Xposure Week 5: Detroit Bye Week Rundown

4 10 2012

Since the Motor City Lions are on a bye in week five, let’s take a minute to look back on the first quarter of the season for the boys in blue and silver.

Through the first four games of the 2012 season, the Lions have proven a whole lot of nothing besides that they’re not even close to the same team they were through the first four games of last season. In 2011, en-route to a 5-0 start, the Lions averaged nearly 32 points per game. This season through the first four they’re averaging 26. Last season Matt Stafford and Megatron connected for at least two TDs in each of their first four games. This season, they haven’t connected once (Megatreezy did catch a pass from Shawn Hill in week three). While the Lion’s lead the NFL in passing yards per game, Staff bone can’t seem to regularly find the end zone (3 passing TDs). Granted, Stafford has been dealing with a few nagging injuries and seems to be throwing with significantly less accuracy, something is definitely out of whack. And that’s a BIG problem for the Lions, who don’t have much of a running game at all.

Adding to their struggles, Detroit’s special teams are playing fucking brutal. Hence this inexcusable kick return for a TD they allowed last week:

I’d make a greased up deaf guy joke here, but honestly that’s not even applicable. Percy wasn’t even grazed by a wayward cleat. Plus, this is after giving up a punt return TD the previous week. Special Teams Coach Danny Crossman has gotta remember Percy is faster than a robot cheetah driving a space shuttle. Maybe don’t tell J Hanson to kick a low hang-time slice of cheddar right to him at the goal line, would be one strategy? Everyone and their cat knows a tight special teams game is absolutely crucial to winning games. Danny boy better get his squad’s shit together soon because they’re facing a slew of return specialists in the next 14 games (i.e. Randall Cobb and Devin Hester twice, Leon Washington, Patrick Peterson among others)

Lastly, Detroit’s defense has been absolutely garbage. They have a measly three takeaways so far, which ranks 29th in the NFL and they’re allowing sub-par offenses to rack up the points (see: Tennessee).Most of this can be attributed to a shaky secondary, their ferocious d line hasn’t seemed to find their mojo quite yet either. Not saying I want to see another curb stomp from Ndamukong, but him and Nick Fairley need to find some anger-induced swag real soon.

Next four games predictions – 3-5 at the halfway point

– JD




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