Feel Good Story of the Day: T.I. Saves Scott Stapp

4 10 2012

Every once in a while I come by a story that makes me feel great inside. A story that makes me feel like I’m in one of those chew 5 gum commercials. Like a thousand fuzzy bunnies just piled into my office and started giving me a full body rub down. #noanimalhomo

Shout out to Petey on hookin up the story.

Apparently back in 2006 rapper T.I. saved Creed frontman, Scott Stapp’s life. Read about it here if you don’t believe me.

The truth was held under wraps until earlier this year when Scott released his autobiography, Sinners Creed. I guess Scotty was all drugged out of his skull contemplating suicide and what have you, in a 16th story hotel room in Miami. He thought he was being chased by someone and decided to climb up over his balcony railing and lower himself down to the next balcony. Smart move. Well as expected, he fell and smashed up his face real good. Wound up in a puddle of blood unconscious, with a broken nose, arm and hip, for like two hours. Then, like an angel sent from above, T.I. appeared on the balcony, probably dressed in all white with a chorus of angelic beings singing ‘With Arms Wide Open’. Like the true G he is, T.I. picked up Scott, called the ambulance and got him the help he needed. All while keeping the possible suicide attempt on the low. Doctors later said it was a miracle on ice that Stapp survived the drug fueled face-plant and the rest, as they say, is history.

First of all, as I believe we’ve alluded to before, we’re big Creed fans here at the mime. No, that is not a sarcastic statement. I’ll say it again, we’re big Creed fans. I know I know, they ruined rock they’re terrible Nickelback sucks the whole deal. That’s all a load of garbage in our eyes. As far as mcgridds is concerned, Scott Stapp is the songbird of our goddamn generation. Have you heard his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner? Every time i hear ‘My Own Prison’ I crank that shit up and get in the zone for another day on the grind. Every time I hear ‘Higher’ I think, I can go higher yo. Every time I hear any Creed song really, my day is made brighter. I know as I write this that many all of you disagree with that. That’s cool, different strokes for different folks.

Now whether you hate Creed or love them, you have to admit a story like this is a breath of fresh air. A rapper and a hard rock singer coming together in the weirdest of circumstances? It’s like a fairytale. Who knows what might’ve happened had T.I. not shown up on that hotel balcony that night? Maybe it would’ve been anyone else on the planet and they would’ve let Scotty bleed to death out there. Alone and cold. But not Tip. His heart is bigger than his ego. And on top of it, he kept shit on the DL. Could’ve easily hopped online and posted an expose that might’ve ruined Scott’s career and possibly, Creed, forever.

With stories like these I like to think following this experience they both became the best of buds. Once he recovered, T.I. probably invited Scotty over to roast a couple blunts and reminisce on that fateful eve. Shit, maybe we’ll get a collabo between the two in the near future, now that this is public info. I can hear it now. ‘Balcony’ by T.I. Feat. Scott Stapp. Shit would go quadruple plat so fast it’d make your dick spin.

So from all of us here at TODM thanks T.I., you the motherfuckin man.


– JD




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