Northern Xposure Week 4: Packers Post Game

1 10 2012

After four weeks of football the 2012 Packers are sitting at 2-2. Certainly not optimal, but after arguably their toughest four game stretch of the season, it definitely aint that bad. Yesterday’s game was solid NFC win, yet a nice reminder that the Pack still have a lot of work to do as they head into the meat of the season. This goes for the coaches just as much as the players. Maybe that Jimmy Graham incomplete pass called complete should’ve been overturned, I’m not sure, but either way leaving yourself with no challenges in the fourth quarter rarely ends well. McCarthy’s got to know when to hold em and know when to fold em. Luckily Hartley shanked that last attempt and it didn’t matter. If that goes in, everyone’s looking back on that Sproles kick return fumble/down by contact debacle as the key to a Saints W.

As predicted, Rodgers finally shook the rust off and had a “normal” game against a brutal Saints secondary. Thank gawd. Yesterday’s four TDs make up for yet another smokin Jay Cutler-esque interception, thrown at a time when we needed it least. Aaron’s going to need to sort out whatever it is that is causing him to continue to throw uncharacteristic picks. C’mon A-bone. Get that 2011 season big dick swingin again.

So, looking ahead, with the vikes (for the time being) alone a top the divis, things are basically looking WIDE FUCKING OPEN. The Lions clearly have more issues than Amanda Bynes circa-last week, the Bears still have Jay Cutler at the helm and the Vikings, with all due respect, continue to win in a way that makes everyone go “ehhhh I mean they kinda-sorta looked good”. With the next three on the road, including a tough Sunday night matchup at Houston, look for the Green and Gold to start the road trip out with a statement win against a young, vulnerable Colts team on sunday.

– JD




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