Northern Xposure Week 4: Pack v Saints Preview

28 09 2012

Packers vs Saints, a year ago two of the most electrifying offenses in the league. This year, both teams seem to have blown a hammie out of the starting blocks. For the Saints, this is because of a shit ton of different shit, most of which they can put solely on their own shoulders. For the Pack, their offense has left little to be desired however a 1-2 start can also be attributed to a certain event that had the entire world talking a mere four days ago. But fuck that noise, what’s done is done and hey, the fucking regular refs are back! Shoutout to J T-row, the mime’s favorite replacement ref. Dude flexed mad pipe out on the field.  Side note – hopefully this extra couple of months off gave Eddie Hochuli ample time to hammer curl two bow flex machines or whatever exercise he does. Get those guns primed.

It’s pretty safe to say this is a big game for both teams. By the final whistle, one team will be 0-4 or one will be 1-3. I’m not going to Mark Schlereth with you a bunch of historical facts on the success rate of 1-3 teams, I’ll leave it at it’s a tough hole to climb out of. The last couple days, all I’ve been hearing is the word “shootout”. Probably because last year’s matchup between these two ended 42-34 (Green Bay). Shootout or not, this year the pack are a more complete team and I like our chances. This season’s Nawleans D has been about as porous as Dear Liza’s bucket. Get it? There was a hole in it. And after an embarrassing start against San Fran, The Pack D has proved the h8rs wrong and played outstanding. Obviously a great opportunity for A-rod to get his groove back.

Both 5Piece and the griddler on the roof will be attending this Sundays game so look for a couple fresh faces in that hot tub. If Cinco piece-o rocks his Bears jersey lets cross our fingers and hope the giant statue of Vince Lombardi sac taps him on the way in. Dick.

31-27 Packers

– JD




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