Underrated Hottie of the Week

24 09 2012

Allison Williams

I didn’t watch the Emmys last night because A. who gives a fuck and B. I’m not a gay. But thanks to a grill full of “See who was the best and worst dressed last night!” stories the minute I turned on my computer this morning, I kind of feel like I watched the whole broadcast. And since its well known that I pride myself in staying up on the cutting edge of fashion, I felt like I needed to peep what the stars were rocking last night. Were there any wardrobe malfunctions? Did anyone’s nip pop out? Who wore the new Oscar de La Renta fall collection the best? WERE THERE ANY NIP SLIPS????!! You know, standard fashion shit. So I’m cruising though a gallery and BOOM. Allison Williams all up in my face. I instantly leaked pre for like like a minute straight. Damn. Where you been all my life?

It turns out, Allison is the daughter of NBC News Anchor Brian Williams. B-to-the-rian I gotta tell you is a pretty decent looking guy himself, so making a smoking hot daughter only makes sense. So who is this mystery babe? She’s an up and coming actress and comedian. She’s like 24 years old and she graduated from Yale a few years ago (kinda nerdy but we’ll let that slide). She’s starring in the new Judd Apatow show, Girls which premeired in April on HBO. Here’s the trailer for it:

Looks moderately terrible. But hey it’s HBO, maybe mix in a few nudie scenes from Allison each episode and I’d give it a chance…

Then I found out she’s been in a bunch of Funny or Die and College Humor sketches. Check em out here and here.

Certainly not ROFL material, but those were actually kind of funny right? She’s like Kate Middleton minus the boring philanthropic princess shit plus a decent sense of humor and some DSL’s. Seems like we’d be a match made in heaven. Allison when you get around to reading this, gimme a buzz babe.

Few more pics for the road –



– JD




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