Northern Xposure Week 3: Packers-Seahawks Preview

24 09 2012

Aaron Rodgers wants the ball and he gon’ score. Not only are Packer fans never going to let that gaffe go, they’re going to be treated to a Monday night air show courtesy of Mr. Rodgers. That’s right, I said it: the Pack Show is a lock this week. I generally don’t make strong predictions lest I incur the sardonic wrath of Kleinz57, but I’ve got a good feeling about this one. And everyone knows that good feelings never, ever get crapped when you emotionally attach yourself to a game whose outcome you can’t control. Stats, critical observation, and so-called “analysis” crumble in the presence of wishful thinking and general bias towards your own team.

But my excitement isn’t unfounded. The Packers faced two strong defenses in the first two weeks: San Francisco’s might be the best in the game (Christian Pondermonium aside) and even in the Rodgers era Bears-Packers showdowns have always been real grinders. Now they get to light their cannons against a thus-far unproven defense–just the type of team that the Packers roasted on a weekly basis last year. Greg Jennings is back in the mix, too. Better still is that the defense showed signs of life last week against the Bears, with Clay Matthews exploding for 3.5 sacks (light another cigarette, Jay) and a strong all-around effort from a team that slipped mightily on that side of the ball last year. So I like the Packers to cover their 3.5-point spread, and I like them a lot. In the words of Karl Welzein, “Feelin’ good!!!”

Of course there are the usual hazards: Running the ball on third-and-short, sloppy defense on runs up the middle, and dropped passes (we’re all looking at you, Jermichael).

Packers 34, Seahawks 17




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