Northern Xposure Week 3: Lions

23 09 2012

44-41 Titans?

Just about everyone on planet earth assumed the Lions would use an easy week three matchup against the struggling Tennessee Titans to get a win and vault themselves back in the thick of things. Well just about everyone on planet earth was way wrong. Detroit had a sloppy first half, an injured starting QB and a questionable OT strategy. Now, I’m no chef, but that sounds like a pretty safe recipe for a loss.

First off, today’s game was entertaining as hell. The score swung back and forth faster than my uncle roger’s ballsac playing racquetball in his damn favorite beige short shorts. The Titans came out of the gates hot and limited Matt Stafford early, yet for some reason (maybe that they’re the friggin Titans) they never could blow the game wide open. Detroit hung in it and forced OT, even after Stafford went down with a leg injury. To his credit, backup Shaun Hill threw together an amazing comeback to even have a chance to win facing what looked to be an insurmountable two score deficit with like 27 fucking seconds left.

But I think it’s fairly obvious that the critical bone-headed-move o the day was when Jim Schwartz decided to go for it on fourth and one AT THE TENNESSEE 7 YARD LINE in OT instead of tie it with a field goal. After the game he said it was a “miscommunication” and that they were simply trying to get the Titans to jump off sides. Huh. That’s weird because Hill clearly hiked the ball and tried to shimmy a yard to no avail. And then you lost. So there’s that. I mean I could see him trying that with Stafford in, but this was your SECOND STRING QB. Leave the fancy stuff out of it, send in trusty ol Jason ‘I’ve been the same age for the last 30 years’ Hanson to tie er up. But what do I know?

Lions fans will have to wait and see the MRI results on Stafford’s injury which was said to be a strained leg muscle. If he’s out for a considerable period of time it could be a long October ahead for the boys in blue and silver.

– JD




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