G.O.O.D. Music = Miami Heat

21 09 2012

What up yall? I recently returned from my sabbatical and am back to deliver the goods. For my first run, I’m going with a concept I thought of this morning on the bus. G.O.O.D. Music is a crew that I’ve recently started to dig, mostly that new jam Clique. Such a fire song, first one in a while that I loved instantly. So they’re warming on me.

I got to thinking, their are so many similarities between them and those bastards down in Miami. Both are great teams, but I’m just not ready to declare them the best of all time. Let me explain:

Kanye West is Dwyane Wade

Yeezing is just like Dwyane Wade. Ye started up G.O.O.D. Music and basically convinced the top dogs to come on over and join his revolution. Sound familiar? Plus both Cheddar and Wade were once so cool back in the day. When D Wade was dropping triple doubles over at Swag U, he was the coolest dude ever. When Kanye dropped Through The Wire, a star was born. Now they are both fairly douchey and care about fashion and complaining.

Jay-Z is LeBron James

I know technically Jigga isn’t in G.O.O.D. Music, but whatever. Both are absolute mega stars with huge brands, jams and personalities. Jigga is by far a trillion times cooler than James will ever be, but oh well. Both came out the gate on fire, with Jay dropping tracks with Biggie and James rocking the 25,5,5 line his rookie season. Both are monsters, and arguably the best at their professions right now.

Big Sean is Chris Bosh

Pussies. Chris Bosh has been described as LeBron’s lap dog, following him around and would pretty much give him head if LBJ asked him to. Medium Sean is the same way, just not really a great rapper on his own but can blend in when he follows JiggaMan around. Both can have their moments, like Bosh changing the series against the Celts last year and Medium Sean delivering a solid Dance (Ass) jam. I don’t like either of them, don’t think their talented, but good for both of them to latch on and ride some coattails.

2 Chainz is Ronny Turiaf

Loud, obnoxious and don’t do much. I’ve never liked Ronny Turiaf, I just feel like he’s never done anything. For some reason he yells a lot and gives out a lot of high fives. I guess that makes him cool? Whatever. In no way did he contribute to the Heats championship, much like dickhead of the year 2 Chainz has never contributed to the success of G.O.O.D. music. 2 Chainz dresses like an ass hole and raps like one too. Both are just plain awful.

Pusha T is Juwan Howard

Just a couple of OG’s in the building right here. Juwan was doing large before our readers got cootie shots (circle circle dot dot muthafucka) and banged hard with the Fab 5. Pusha T also banged hard back in the day with Clipse, a pretty ghetto crew as well. These two don’t do much for their respective clans, but both have seen it all and every team needs an OG to guide them in tough times.

Kid Cudi is  Eddy Curry

This is gonna be biased, so strap in. I don’t know about our readers, but I personally feel like Kid Cudi is not even a rapper. He just whines and talks about weed 24/7. So does Wiz but at least Wiz puts out radio jams. A Kid named Cudi just doesn’t do anything. I hate him! He stinks! Eddy Curry, in my humble opinion, is not even a basketball player. He got rated the worst in the league this year, is fat, and sucks. Interesting that both somehow had mad potential early on, Eddy Curry going number 4 overall and Kid Cudi making that jam “Memories.” Then they started playing/rapping more, and it was just awful.



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