Northern Xposure: GB v Chi Postgame

14 09 2012


I’ll hold back a bit on this one as I don’t want to kick our Bears fan Mime compadres while they’re down. But at the same time I definitely do. Talk about not putting your money where your mouth is. As DMX said, TALK IS CHEAP MOTHER FUCKER! Not a good look for the Bears, jaw jabbin all week about how physical their wide receivers are only to have them go out and do a whole lot of nothing. Can’t crown your team all-mighty beasts of the NFL after a week one domination of the fucking Colts and expect the same result at Lambeau. That’s straight ig’nant, dog.

Don’t take it from me, though, let’s look at 5Piece’s keys to the game from yesterday:

1) The trenches: whoever can better control the line of scrimmage for the run game and protect their gunslinger

2) Cutler’s decision making

3) Special teams


I’d say he was Nostradamus-esque in predicting EXACTLY how the bears would lose the game. The Bear’s couldn’t control the line of scrimmage whatsoever, Cutler’s decision making was piss-poor (I will admit he didn’t get much help from his O-line, but at least three of those sacks and a handful more pressures were due to blanket coverage down field), the Packer’s capitalized on special teams in a MONSTER way, and I think we can all agree Clay Matthews Green Bay wanted it more.

Key to the game predictions weren’t necessarily dead on target m’self, as the game was nowhere near a shootout and Green Bay got off to a molasses offensive start, but we got a TON of pressure on Cutler and I don’t think we allowed them in the red zone all game. That’s a recipe for a quality division W. It certainly wasn’t the prettiest victory, but it was much needed, and a it was great statement victory for Dom Capers’ often-critized defense.

– JD




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