FTK TTV: The Dog is Back!

14 09 2012

Just when you thought he was going to spend the rest of his career failing prison drug tests, purchasing crack from undercover cops and running dog fighting rings in Arizona, X is back on the scene with a vengeance. If I’m being real here, he very well might end up doing all of those things again in the near future.You never know. It’s The goddamn Dog hisself. Loose cannon is an understatement. Pretty sure Jamie Foxx wrote his song Unpredictable about DMX’s criminal career. Whatever though, as of September 14, 2012 D-to-the-M-to-the-X is on the rise.

He’s just released a new album this past Tuesday called ‘Undisputed‘. Not his best work but the shit bumps no doubt. Even though it’s not my favorite song on the album, his collabo with MGK  for ‘I Don’t Dance‘ is awesome. Two dudes at opposite ends of the spectrum, both crazy as shit, combining for what ends up being a hilarious music video (probably want to avoid watching if you’re epileptic and/or hungover as shit). The video begins like many other DMX vids before it, with X rolling in on a crotch rocket:

Not nearly as cool as his ATV scene in Cradle 2 The Grave, but we’ll settle for a Yamaha Supersport FZ8 or whatever the fuck that is.

DMX proceeds to spend the majority of the first two minutes of the video with a Louisville slugger in hand:

You know, just in case he wants to hit the diamond for an impromptu BP sesh.

Meanwhile, the chick behind MGK appears to be taking a Dremel rotary saw to her belt buckle:


Maybe subliminal advertising from Home Depot?

Then, I’m not 100% sure but it looks like X to the Z got lost on his way to pimp somebody’s ride:



Just a great vid overall. No other way to put it. Classic DMX.

At this point, a few hardcore Dog fans might be saying, hey dick this music vid is old news, how are you just getting around to writing about it now? What do you live under a rock or something? Yes. I do. I live under a rock. Just like mah nephew Patrick Star. It’s the only way to live really. Yall apartment dwellers are missing out BIG TIME. Actually the real reason I’m dedicating this weeks music highlight to DMX is I heard through the grapevine that he was talking smack about Canada’s hip hop savior, Drizzy Drake. “Yalls might know him as The Kitten Whisperer aka The Harvester of Pauses aka The Taio Cruz of Hip Hop aka Young Garnier Fructis aka the pre-cum baby aka Jennifer Aniston’s favorite emcee.” As the legendary Big Ghost would describe him.

Great verbal beatdown from X. Somebody’s gotta put Young Garnier Fructis in his place these days. Aubrey is getting out of hand. Singing “noooo lie-ee-iii-eee-iii-eee-ii” all up on everyones jock, trying to start coastal beefs with Chris Breezy, somehow surpassing Jay-Z’s record of number one songs. Dude thinks he runs hip hop. Not on X’s watch mo fukkah. Check the full interview below:


The Dog sums up perfectly how the Mime feels about Drizzy:

“I dont like anything about Drake. I dont like his f**king voice. I dont like anything he talks about, I dont like his face. I dont like the way he walks. I dont like his hair-cut. Let me shut up, Ill just stop right.”


Eventually, X says he wishes he could time travel back seven years ago and whoop Drake’s ass in an elevator just to “let em know it’s real son”. I haven’t heard a better idea since my Mom told me I should stop wearing Joe Boxer shirts from Wal Mart and then maybe I’d get laid. I agree that if Drizzy got an old school prison raping from DMX  seven years ago, he probably would’ve thought twice about getting in the game. Might not think he’s the “realest n**** in the game” and he for sure wouldn’t roll around with his smug sense of entitlement. The street cred DMX has in his carry on luggage would snap Drizzy’s dick off. If X is the streets then Drake is the Whispering Meadows Day Care.

But enough about Young Angel. Let’s end with a couple DMX tracks.


– JD




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