Northern Xposure Week 2: Packers

13 09 2012


Gary Breadsticks! You’re a bears fan??

The first of two black n blue rivalry games falls nice and early on this year’s regular season schedule. And what better setting than the NFL Network on a Thursday in early September. Can’t wait for commentating legends, Mike Mayock and Brad Nessler to crush this broadcast. Getting too drunk to hear Mike and Brad seems like the perfect excuse to be hung as a nutsac at work tomorrow.

For the Packers, I hate to say it but we’re essentially looking at a week two must win. Why? Well of the last five Packers teams that started 0-2, none made the playoffs. I certainly believe that what matters most is getting hot at the right time, but I think a statistic like that can definitely help light a fire under the green and gold. The Pack have to use this game to prove they’re the same team that ran a touchdown-happy butthole beatdown express on the league the past two seasons. The offense for lack of a better phrase, looked like saggy dog nips during the first half of the Niners game last week. That cannot happen again. They need to hit the ground running, come up swinging and end up winning. Need the game to be a shootout. Need to get inside pressure on Cutler. Gotta stop them from getting inside the five because if I’m being real, Michael Bush is a friggin battering ram down there.

Hey JD…no mention of Jay Culter’s smack talk from earlier this week? Nah bro. Figured I wouldn’t expend the energy discussing what was essentially a couple pre-game opinions from Mr. Cutler blown out of proportion by the media. Jay can chirp like a junkyard sparrow while A Rodg is in video room putting in WORK. Any time you go from Devin Hester and Earl Bennett to, really anyone else, it’s a step up. I certainly think the Packers DB’s are up for the challenge, but damn Jarrett Bush has to play out of his mind.

So as your emo-faced quarterback said, good luck.

Prediction – 31-28 Pack

– JD




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