FTK TTV: Ricky Rozay

3 08 2012


The BAWWS, Ricky Ross. If you know me, you know I love Ricardo Ross. And I know what you’re thinking, JD you only liked a few tracks off of Port of Miami and now he just dropped a new album so you’re up in his jock you aint no real fan. Wrong dude. Straight wrong. I’ve been with Rick since day one. Since he was a corrections officer and I was locked up. Alright, not that far back but you get the idea. Got all his albums lined up on my nightstand. I wrote a will and all it says is “If I die today remember me like John Lennon, bury me in Louis I’m talkin all brown linens”. That’s it. Just throw some 7 million thread count Louis Vuitton sheets down in my casket and remember me. That’s all I ask. And that’s all Ricky asks too.

Well feels like it’s been a decade or two since we took dropped an FTK TTV. Gotta get back to our roots. Drop some tracks for the people on this fine Friday afternoon. And wouldn’t you know, Ricky Rozay just dropped God Forgives, I don’t. Not only is it a boss album hot off the streets, it’s also a reminder to anyone who wronged Mr. Ross in life, tough shit because dude refuses to forgive. Naturally, I picked up a copy. It’s no Teflon Don, but the album does work. Rick is all over the map on his sound on the record, but just when I thought he strayed away from that signature Rozay beat, I hear one like this:

And this:

Which reminded me of this:

Oh and this:


Yeah, The Boss still has it. Hey if it ain’t broke, don’t even think about fixing it. Do you Rick.


Welp, I’m out of here. Bout to drive up north for the weekend. You know I’m gonna be bumpin Rozay all the way there. HALLELUJAH.


– JD




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