Underrated Hottie of the Week

30 07 2012

Lake Bell

Honestly I’m surprised with myself a bit here. Surprised and pissed. Why the h e double hockey stix did it take me this long to put Lake up in the underrated hottie category?? I dare you to crack open a dictionary and not find those magnificent tots under the definition of underrated. Flying under the radar like that Army drone that got shot down in Iran. Only instead of getting shot down flying through Iran, Lake’s photo shoot is actually sending a lot of loads flying in Iran. Where can I get more of this babe, you ask? Well she’s been in a bunch of movies I haven’t seen (What Happens In Vegas, Pride and Glory, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, Burning Palms, etc.) and a couple TV shows I have seen (How To Make It In America, Children’s Hospital).

Not necessarily the best resume, but let’s face it, who gives a shit. I became a Lake Bell fan during her short run on How To Make It In America. Show on HBO about some dudes who want to make it in the fashion world so they design lame jeans and their lives suck ass. Meanwhile Kid Cudi is in it and I think he owns some kind of dog and Lake Bell is struggling at “making it in America too”. Not exactly premium entertainment but Sonion Rings watched it so I did too. Then out of nowhere boom, Lake goes topless in one scene. My instantaneous roper could’ve single handedly drowned a family of mice. Check the NFSW link if you wish (DO IT). Pretty much made me believe in Santa again. Too bad the show got cancelled before we were blessed with another nudie scene. BUT, what’s that ancient saying? “Once you whip tit out on camera chances are you do it again”. I bet we’ll see more of Lake’s bells before it’s all said and done.

Here’s Ms. Bell telling a joke or something:

Didn’t hear one word.

Anyways, I get that she’s “underrated” because there’s a bit of a toad face thing going on. But if I’m keeping it 100% I kinda dig her face and who am I kidding her face could look like Raymundo from Rocket Power and it wouldn’t change the battle of the bulge happening in my Fruit of the Looms right now.

Here’s a couple more for the road.


– JD




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