Man I love America

9 07 2012

I’m baaaaaaack.

That’s right y’all. Cut down that noose, take the bullets out that nine and step back from that ledge my friend. J dot breakfastsandwich is back on American soil. And as predicted, this blog is barely breathing. Guess I’m going to have to Florence Nightingale this biotch, minus the romance and what not. Thank the lawd I’ve got Kleinz on the payroll. Still waiting for the Cradle 2 The Grave review though, but that’s for another day.

For those that were dying to know (all seven two of you), I was over in the land of sun, fun and well browned buns aka Greece. Didn’t want to give away my location until after I returned because I know how much of an international sensation this blog is. I leak word that I’m cruising through the Mediterranean next thing I know I have Greek bitches chasing my Fiat like I’m Beibs, forcing me to sign their kebabs. Just kidding nobody in Greek even knows what a Mime is.

To make matters worse, I was overseas for America’s most important holiday – the 4th of July. While I tried hard to celebrate by punching foreigners and butchering food orders in english and wiping my ass with 4 ply toilet paper, it just wasn’t the same. It felt like something was missing. To the rest of the world the 4th is just another blistering hot summer day. I mean for christsake we celebrate Cinco de Mayo and St. Paddy’s Day and Australia Day and Republic of Congo Day over here. Why can’t we get any love for our independence day? Ohh, that’s right because the majority of the world hates us. More like they hate how much they love us.

I guess that’s beyond the point. I’m not writing this to bitch about the world’s lack of love for the US and A. Actually, everyone in Greece couldn’t have been nicer. Overall they have a pretty legit country going on. Aside from their crumbling economy and what not. Seriously though, based on the news I figured I was heading into a pseudo-war zone. Not the case at all. Place was peaceful as ever. I highly recommend everyone visit at some point in your life if you have the chance. Anyways enough about Greece. This post is meant to be about America. Since I didn’t get a chance to drop a 4th of July tribute last week, I figured I’d make up for it by dropping a few random American vids and pics and such. Happy belated 4th guys and gals.



I know, I know, pretty weak. Cut me some slack I’m still jet lagged.


– JD













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