TBS: C’mon, they’re trying really hard and stuff…

28 06 2012

Let me preface this post by saying that for the longest time I’ve thoroughly enjoyed TBS as a network. Mr. TBS, if you’re reading this, I’ll always be a supporter of your wide viewing selection of sitcom re-runs and classic movies and even the occasional sporting event. Sure, you may not be FX or Comedy Central, but we all know you’re trying super hard and as my T-Ball coach used to say, “If you try your hardest thats all that matters.” His name was Marv and he actually said that.

My coastal beef begins and ends with TBS’ original programming lineup. Aside from Conan, who remains the funniest late night talk show host out there, everything else blows magnum dong. Just a modern day crap-toberfest. I swear every time I see a commercial for Men At Work I want to punch a deaf child. And I’m not even a moderately violent guy. I’m super chill holmes. Super chill.

Here’s the original programming TBS is currently showing, or will debut this summer:

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne

Did you laugh at all? Yeah, me neither. I Gotta admit that chubby dude is kind of funny looking, but that’s about all the praise I can give this show. Don’t drop the racist card either! Some of my best friends are the Wayans Bros.

Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse

A modern day comedy about the ups and downs of marriage or something. Because wealthy marriages are just a ball of laughs. Looks kind of like All My Children banged Tyler Perry and this is what came out. Tune in on Thursdays in July if you want to watch a sucky show.

Are We There Yet

First, I’ll admit I saw Are We There Yet the movie in theaters on opening night. Shit was hilarious. Ice Cube fights a deer for christsake! Now THAT’S comedy. So, when I learned there was going to be a spin off show and Cheeseburger Eddie is involved I almost creamed. Twice. Surely it will be a fantastic show! Think again, JD. Honestly, the show might be the worse than anything Tyler Perry has done. I think The Cube should stick to Coors Light commercials.

Men At Work

So this show literally just signed on for a second season. I’ll give that a minute to sink in. As far as I see it, it’s essentially a wannabe, tame version of Workaholics with a grown up, wise crackin Hyde from That 70s Show, a dude that looks like Paul Rudd mixed with Tom Brady and a token black guy. I’ll say I did try and muscle through an episode a few weeks ago. Then I punched my TV and cried myself a river. Tries way too hard. For example, that oompa loompa joke was funny about a millennium ago.


Sullivan and Son

I guess its like an Asian-Irish bar full of one-liners or some shit. How Vince Vaughn is producer is beyond me. Hasn’t actually premiered yet so I won’t jud….yeah it’s going to be horrible.


The Wedding Band

Couldn’t even find a trailer for this one. Apparently it’s about four friends who are in, you guessed it, a wedding band. I’ll give this one the benefit of the doubt since I’ve seen nothing in the way of a trailer. But TBS, given your track record, it’s safe to assume it’s a cancellation waiting to happen.


There you have it, folks. As I said, aside from Conan, TBS’ original programming is basically a fuckin nightmare. Maybe one of these days they’ll drop something worth watching, until then flip through the channels with caution. Nobody wants to get accidentally sucked into watching a shitty sitcom and wind up drop kicking a cable box into your dad’s groin.


– JD




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