Underrated Hottie of the Week

21 06 2012

Jenn Brown


The other day I’m casually watching the CWS on ESPN and I see Jenn Brown interviewing some Kent State baseball player. Hair all disheveled from the winds sweeping over the Nebraska fields, eloquent interviewing skills, slightly bronzed skin, premium rack. Total package if you ask me. Sure, sometimes her face looks oddly like Heidi Montag mixed with that bitch Angela from The Office. But I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, I mean everyone has an off day. Plus, being a Florida alum and of ESPN fame, she’s had to live in the shadows of Erin Andrews for quite a while now. That’s gotta be tough. Doing your reporter thing day in and day out knowing there’s a bombshell babe doing the exact same thing better than you. I figure it’s how kinda like how John C. Reilly feels when he was working with Will Ferrell. Johnny C. is a legend don’t get me wrong, but he’s gotta feel like Will consistently out games him in the funny department and the weird dude with curly hair looks department.

Well eff that noize. I love Erin Andrews more than most people love eating bagels but today is about my main girl Jenn Brown. Keep doing your sexy thing on the catwalk television. You’ll always be number one at The Mime. That has to count for something…what’s that? I’m being told it counts for absolutely nothing. Oh well. Few more pics below.



– JD




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