The All Nickname Lineup

19 06 2012

What up what up? Its been a quick minute since I’ve laid a track on the mime. To be honest, I got a new job so I’ve been busy. To be even more honest, I just got lazy. But I’m back and ready to get my blogging swag back.

Today’s nicknames are pretty lame. You didn’t need me to tell you that, but I did, so there. There are still a few good ones left, like The Big Ticket or The Big AARP. But overall, nicknames like T-Mac or D-Rose just don’t cut it. Its straight boring, like lets get a little more creative guys. Not saying I could do better, but I totally could. I mean, Green Eggs n Pink Ham speaks for itself. But the larger point is that I’m going to make a starting 5 of baller nicknames of dudes who are not only the coolest ballers but could also school everyone. Leggo!

Point Guard – Jerry West aka “The Logo” 

There were a lot of good choices here. The Answer, White Chocolate or Mugsy would have done just fine here. But The Logo is such a sick nickname, and he is one of the better point guards of all time. I mean, The Logo? Just the (blank) face of the league. Now that is serious swag.

Shooting Guard – George Gervin aka “Ice Man”

This one is just a no brainer. Don’t really need to explain the nickname or even his game. Just click this link. Anyways, this space gives me time to brag about the Gervin Spurs jersey that I own. So fresh.

Small Forward – Anfernee Hardaway aka “Penny”

Another tough call. Penny Hardaway might not have lived up to his great expectation, but goddamn is Penny a cool nickname or what? Plus I feel like I can count on my boy Penny to show up with so much talent around him. Sidebar: I also have a Penny jersey.

Power Forward – Dennis Rodman aka “The Worm”

I honestly don’t even know what this nickname means. It’s weird and this dude is the weirdest of all time. Kids think Metta World Douchebag is weird? Think Mike Tyson is weird? No way, not when you bring The Worm into the mix. Plus, rebounding is just not an issue for this team. The Worm will rebound your dick off.

Center – Darryl Dawkins aka Chocolate Thunder 

Another no brainer. I mean, Chocolate Thunder named his dunks. Just a bad ass mofucker with a sick nickname. Oh, and dude could jam. Breaking backboards like its his job. Which it kind of is.

This team is sick. Can’t beat us, can’t even out cool us. Just gonna all around destroy everyone in our paths.

Honorable mentions: The Truth, Downtown Freddie Brown, The White Mamba, The Round Mound of Rebound

– Green Eggs and Pink Ham



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