Hanging Out Hungover

18 06 2012

It’s no mystery most Sundays in the life of a TODM CEO are usually pretty slow paced. When you party like a rock, party like a rockstar night in and night out, a day of recovery is always in order. Isn’t that why Moses invented the sabbath? On the seventh day ye shall lay on thy couch and muscle down 2 for $2.22 Powerades, I think is how it went.  Some may call it a waste of a perfectly good day off, others call it standard protocol. This Sunday was no different. 4:30pm rolls around and I’ve yet to put on pants OR eat lunch. Luckily though, golf is on. US Open golf to be specific. And this years course looks hard as hell. Phil Mickelson shot a +16 for christsake. Call me old fashioned but I always say the higher the course difficulty, the more exciting the television. I said that once, but once was enough. Move over Jimmy Nance there’s a new Shareef Abdur Raheem in town. What? I’ve lost myself. Soooo anyways I’m thinking, watching these golf pros getting boned by the lengthy schlong of the Olympic Club course is just about the perfect way to rid oneself of a vicious hangover. Per usual, it got the wheels in my ever-expanding mind a’churning and wouldn’t you know it, I figured why not drop a list of the best programming to watch while your titties are hanging low? Pop on any one of these and you’re guarenteed to feel not quite as rough as when you first woke up.

10. Porn

Probably could make a case for the number one spot but let’s pretend I’m not that terrible of a person.

9. Any 90s Disney Movie

Can’t go wrong with these. I watched a good two hours of Aladdin about a month ago and I gotta say it remains a quality flick.

8. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Get those DVDs on deck and let the good times roll. Uncle Phil needs a bodyguard? I’m already feeling better.

7. Cheers

Usually packed with enough witty zingers and pre-obesity shots of Kirstie Alley to make any lazy Sunday a little better. That is unless its that episode with the ‘We Will Rock You’ opener. Screw that episode.

6. Slamball

Chances of actually having to pay attention? Slim. Chances of witnessing a compound fracture? Moderately likely. Chances of seeing neat dunks o plenty? Guaranteed.

5. 13 Going On 30

Surprisingly one hell of a movie. Mark Ruffalo CRUSHES it.

4. Intervention

Does a great job of putting my substance abuse in perspective. What’s 14 shots of Rumplemintz compared to a frying pan filled with black tar heroin? Nick Swardson said it best.

3. Dear John

Nothing like a violent cry.

2. Into The Blue

I could watch Paul Walker’s Jessica Alba’s sweet bod swim around looking for sunken treasure all day erryday.

1. Golf

Soothing whispers from Jim Nance or Dan Hicks or that British dude make everything seem alright.


– JD




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22 10 2012
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