Overreaction Wednesdays: The Big Ticket

6 06 2012

Kevin Garnett. The Big Ticket. KG. Da Kid. The Franchise.

He’s the definition of a beast. Always leaves it all on the court night in and night out. By a games end he’s soaked in sweat and blood like an Apache war chief. Dude plays with more heart than The Grinch on Christmas morn. It’s no secret I’ve been a KG fan since he was drafted 5th by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 1995 NBA Draft. I think I biked like 13 miles to the nearest Galyan’s the next day just to nab his jersey. And even though he parted ways with the Wolves years ago, I still get a half chub whenever I hear an announcer say, “AT FORWARD FROM FARRAGUT ACADEMY HIGH SCHOOL…” I mean, my childhood bedroom was is lined with posters of the Big Ticket. Shit, I even met him AND have his autograph, no b d.

Sadly though, the rest of the country doesn’t feel the same way. Sure, my fellow Minnesotans and most Boston faithful will stand up for KG in any heated conversation, yet the majority of people I’ve talked to hate him. I’m not talking responses like “ehhh he’s kind of a douche”, it’s more like “he’s a horrible person and I hope he sky dives into the pits of hell ASAP”. Kind of blows my mind if I’m being honest. I saw a poll in a recent SI issue where Kevin took the number deuce spot for dirtiest player in the NBA. Number two? Is that poll for realsies? They have him in front of Metta World Peace? I mean I guess I kind of get it. He’s a scrappy motherfucker out there. Plus he’s one of the greatest trash talkers of this era. But dirty, as in cheap shots and shit? I guess I did see him sac tap Channing Frye once. But c’mon, that was just hilarious.

Maybe I’m jaded by my childhood filled with constant ropers for the guy, who knows. But I think I know what’s happening here. Here’s my theory, hate it, love it, I don’t give a shit. I think KG’s style of play and rampant mouth cause him to be under appreciated and misunderstood by 80% of NBA fans. To an outsider who only catches The Big Ticket play when the Celts are in town or when he’s on Sportscenter, KG probably looks like an over-the-hill mentally unstable maniac. Might be a wayward elbow to the head of someone in a highlight reel, maybe a “cancer patient” comparison here and there or maybe even a slo-mo DVR playback of Garnett calling Lebron a “bitch ass n****”, whatever. In terms of national media coverage KG is portrayed as an ass munch. I get that. Problem is, what people don’t see is his mad grind day after day. His leadership on the floor. His nightly mind fucking of opposing players with his incredibly personal and off-color trash talking. His unrivaled thirst for defensive stops and rebounds. I mean the list could keep on going but I think y’all get the pic, however I don’t think I’ve swayed anyones opinion on The Big Tick…yet.

Hopefully these reasons will.


His wife, Brandi, is a certified babe


In 1995 he was the first NBA player drafted out of high school in 20 years and wasn’t a massive bust.


He kept it 100 with Craig Sager and told him what we have all been thinking for some time now.


His post game interviews are straight gold.


His pre game interviews are straight gold.


He didn’t pull a Lebron when he parted ways with Minnesota and he showed ‘sota mad love after he won the ship in Boston (and MN gave it right back).


And he taught me how to throw together a dope outfit.

Note: the same “phat” Lil’ Kim poster from Denny’s room in Meet The Parents is also above KG’s bed.


Finally, he busted his ass for 12 seasons in Minnesota despite many years of mediocrity and a front office that did a shit-tastic job surrounding him with a championship team.


There ya have it folks. If you don’t like KG now then you probably never will. No hard feelings, just proceed to eat a battalion of schlongs. Good luck to The Big Ticket the rest of the playoffs. Even after 17 seasons he’s still dominating the game.


– JD




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