The Mime At Soundset

29 05 2012

Word to your mother.

Hope all you Mime aficionados had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Hopefully you did a lot of heavy drinking, various meat grilling and American flag saluting. Shout out to all the souljaz overseas. Keep kicking terrorist ass.

Well this weekend, like many before it, included two Mime’s attending Minnesota’s own Soundset Hip Hop Festival. For those of you who’ve never heard of this festival, here’s a quick knowledge sesh. Whip out ya pad and pen and take some notes. It’s a festival put on by Minnesota’s largest hip-hop label, Rhymesayers Entertainment. Soundset features one action packed day of hip hop talents including up-and-coming artists, underground artists, mainstream artists and legends in the game. Take a quick peek at this year’s lineup above. Don’t look too close though, might torch your retinas. Too many fire MC’s featured, I guess. Anyways, it’s always hosted on the Sunday before Memorial Day making for one hell of a way to kick off Summer. And for you East/West Coast h8ters thinking a rap festival in Minnesota sounds about as much fun as a one night stand with Andy Dick, think again. Over 20,000 consistently turn out for this bitch, making the concerts certifiably dirt-nasty.

If you don’t know, now you know…

Fast forward to Sunday morning, myself, 5Piece and an entourage of crunked out, sweaty beasts roll up on Soundset like goddamn Grave Digger in a parking lot of Micro Machines. Well, maybe it wasn’t that badass but you get the idea. We, ahh, went to the concert with some pals. Now given the previous night’s activites we were for lack of a better description, hungover as fuck. Might’ve missed a few key morning acts (Action Bronson, Danny Brown, I Self Devine), but whatevs. We made it there and isn’t that half the battle? From that moment until severe thunderstorm warnings forced us to sprint to our car several hours later, it was a voyage to musical nirvana.

I figured instead of critiquing every performer’s set, I’d spare you the time and just throw some featured jams I witnessed your way. Enjoy and God Bless ‘Merica!

Grieves & Budo

On The Rocks

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


And We Danced

Big K.R.I.T.


I Got This



Kendrick Lamar


Hiii Power

Aesop Rock

None Shall Pass


De La Souls


Ghostface Killah & Raekwon

[Wu Tang Clan] Aint Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit

[Wu Tang Clan] Protect Your Neck

Lupe Fiasco


Out Of My Head Feat. Trey Songz

Around My Way


Just a little sample of what I can remember was played. Maybe it wasn’t. Who knows. Anyways shout out to Soundset for another unforgettable day of hip hop


– JD








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29 08 2012
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[…] Slaughterhouse. I’ve been on the Slaughter-wagon since I saw them rock the aforementioned Soundset in the spring of 2011. The guys flat out spit flames. I guess you have to expect nothing less from […]

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