Underrated Hottie of the Week

24 05 2012


I’ve been a long time believer that Ciara is hotter than Rihanna. Seven days a week, no questions axed. Also seems like she’d be cooler to hang out with. Somehow though, she gets little to no love when they’re stacked up side by side. Could be because Rihanna has used the last 2-3 years to mold herself into one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. Meanwhile Ciara, sticking mainly in Hip Hop and R&B,  hasn’t done nearly that. Could also be because years back some whack job started a rumor that Ciara was born with a dong. Which if I’m being real with myself, wouldn’t even matter much but that’s beside the point. All this lack o love doesn’t seem to phase Ms. Harris and it definitely doesn’t phase me. Just like I root for the underdog in cock fights and Who Wants to be A Millionaire, I also like to root for underdogs in hot chick contests. Just can’t stand when people hate on the Princess of Crunk&B. ‘Goodies‘ was my shiznit. ‘Oh‘ with Luda was a staple in my ’97 Dodge Durango sophomore year of high school. Then 5piece Thuggetz dropped this music vid knowledge on my dome piece:

Straight up changed my outlook on life. Made me believe there might actually be a higher power. Plus Luda’s lines are straight genius. “Call me Luda Drew Brees, I throw it in” has gotta be the best. Lyrical creativity for years.

Anyways, Ciara, keep on being hot as hell. You’ll always trounce RiRi in my eyes.

I tell you what, Bow Wow is an IDIOT.

– JD




2 responses

24 05 2012
Kleinz 57

Werd to dat, ma doo. Re: Rihanna, the short hair never did it for me if I’m being an honest John here, and sometimes she’s got the figure of a twelve-year old boy.

P.S. Bow Wow IS an idiot, but you’re gonna need a list to explain that.

24 05 2012
JD McGriddle

good call. I’ll work on that A-scott-StAPp

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