Extreme Makeover: Famous Face Edition

22 05 2012

Seems like a ton of celebrity dudes are changing up their signature looks lately. Not sure if it’s pressure from Rob Riggle or what but every time I hop on the interwebs a new famous dude radically changed his signature look. The latest example of this is Gonzaga legend Adam Morrison. If you haven’t seen Adam ‘Broom Stache’ Morrison’s fresh look it kind of makes me think he spent the last four months torching crack pipes in the Himalayas. Not saying it’s the worst, just saying I kind of already miss the Adam of old.

Now, by no means is A to the M the first to pull a facial switcheroo. Famous peeps pull it all the time.  One minute you think they’ll look the same forever, the next you’re like “who dat du?” It’s kind of like when you move out of your parents house and you come home and your bedroom is now your Mom’s new scrapbooking headquarters. Like hey ma it’s going to be kind of tough to sleep with all these cropping tools and color swatches strewn about. What gives? Feels a little like Judas just handed you over to Pontius Pilate, minus the imminent crucifixion.

Well have no fear Mime readers, once again JD is here, he’s queer, and he’s got a belly full of beer. Oh and he’s also droppin a list of celebs that need to return to their signature looks of old. At this point a select few of you might be thinking, hey Lame Initials McDouche I remember you from high school. Didn’t you used to have a mad Jew fro? Where’s that at now? Well it’s gone. It’s been gone for a hot minute with no return in sight. Hypocritical move on my part? Definitely. But let me tell you, the fro had to go. Rockin a Jew fro when you’re Catholic means two tings. One, everyone thinks I’m Jewish and therefore good at math and penny pinching and using dreidels, which I’m not. And two, people think I’m funny. Can’t have that. I’d just be lying to myself.

So anyways, here’s my list. Let yah dude know which look you like better, old or new.

Adam Morrison






Jonah Hill



Sammy Sosa



Kid From Two and A Half Men



Every NBA Player In A Post Game Press Conference





I rest my case. Hey famous dudes. Change your face, or I’m going to change it for you.

– JD




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