Mystikal: Back in the Clink

11 05 2012


With the weekend just around the corner I figured it’d only make sense to drop a FTK TTV tribute to Naw’lean’s own, Mystikal. Toss some old skewl anthemz your way to get this spring weekend started right.

Why Mystikal, you ask? Well, Myst is heading back to prison on Monday, May 14 for charges stemming from a parole violation. Can’t catch a break. The Man keeps forcing him down, kind of similar to what he did to his hairstylist that landed him in prison the first time around. For those of you who don’t follow the world of hip hop very closely, you may remember Mystikal as the harsh voiced singer of the 2000 classic, ‘Shake Ya Ass’. You may also remember Mystikal as the rapper who videotaped himself mouth pounding his hairstylist which led to a sexual battery conviction and seven years hard time, virtually falling off the face of the hip hop world. One minute it’s “SHAKE YA ASS, WATCH YA SELF” topping the charts. The next its, “clench ya ass, shower in stealth” in prison.

I actually thought he murdered like four people and was doing 25 to life. Seriously, I had no idea where he went. Guess Mystikal’s legal battle updates don’t hit the burbs of Minnesota too often. Gradually Quickly, he faded away like a JD McG turnaround jumper and was only ever brought up in a ‘remember that cat Mystikal?’ type of conversation for most of the 2000s.

Fast forward to 2010. Dude gets out of prison and hops back into the game faster than you can say DANGER, GET ON THE FLO. I mean he wasted no time whatsoever. Yes he’s now a registered sex offender, but he’s also a changed man. Gotta be rough for kids on his block on Halloween. “Dad, can we stop by Mystikal’s house? I heard he’s free styling and giving away king sized bars!” “No way son, he might gang bang you.”

Despite his degraded social standing, he wasted no time rebuilding his reputation. He signed with Cash Money Records and started getting back on the grind. Next thing you know he’s popping up in joints everywhere. Set Me Free with Lloyd, Uh Oh, Get Away with Yelawolf, shit he’s even on MGK’s Wild Boy Remix.

Sure he’s a sexual predator that could strike again at any time, sure his voice may sound like he wrapped his lips around a meat smoker chimney and inhaled for about a decade, sure half his lyrics are impossible to understand, but he’s a legend in the game and it’s too bad he’s headed back in. Now I already poured out a gallon of top shelf liquor for the homey, I suggest you turn up these classics and do the same.


Mystikal & Outkast – Neck Uv Da Woods

Master P Feat. Mystikal, Silkk The Shocker, Mia X & Fiend – Make Em Say UGH

Ludacris Feat. Mystikal & I-20 – Move Bitch


Show this weekend who’s boss, y’all.


– JD




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