Underrated Hottie I Just Remembered

4 05 2012

It seems like the world is packed with underrated hot chicks. Some have yet to be discovered, others had their time in the spotlight come and go. Well this weeks babe falls under the latter category. I was killin time in the office this Friday afternoon by watching some highlights of mah boi, Anthony Pettis, crushing the MMA scene when I was reminded of a babe-tastic MMA fighter I saw fight before Kimbo Slice got twerked on New Year’s Eve 2008. Shit that was a long time ago. Anyways, her name is Gina Carano and she’s a certified smoke house. Here’s a classic pic or those who don’t know her, or forgot about her:

Just making that UFC Ring Girl in the background look like Terry Bradshaw.

I mean she’s so foxy she’s like the fox in The Fox and the Hound. Buuut she could DEFINITELY whoop my ass into yesteryear. Similar to hockey players, I’ve always thought that MMA fighters are just a whole different breed. Like if all hockey players have a few screws loose, then MMA fighters have an entire Hardware Hank inventory jigglin around in their heads. Combine that with her being a woman and all and you have about a 100% chance she’s bat shit crazy. Still, however, I can’t deny I’d love to ram my meat wagon into her lemonade stand, if you catch my drift. Even if it meant my wiener would snap like a celery stick halfway through.

Recently Gina put down the gloves for a career in television and film. Probably a good call considering that angelic face shouldn’t take any beatings that don’t involve mushroom stamps. Too much? Sorry. Anyways, she’s set to star in Fast & Furious 6. Yep, they’re making another one. Thank god, too. Fast Five really left me wondering what’s going happen next. Guess it can’t be too bad if this minx is kicking ass and taking names throughout.

That’s about all I got. Here’s a couple more photos.







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