East Coast Perspective: Brooklyn Nets

2 05 2012

So obviously, the Brooklyn Nets unveiled their new look this week. Everyone and their mother is talking about it, and since The Mime is the mother of all blogs, I’m going to rant and rave about this. First things first, lets get the easy joke out of the way: The B in the logo stands for boring. Got it? Ok moving on.

At first glance, this new logo seems like an awful waste of an awesome opportunity. Changing cities and teams is always really exciting, a great chance to make a new splash in the L. However, a lot of teams have failed at this in the past. The Thunder most recently blew it. I never really understood the name, I thought they could have done a lot better. However, luckily for them they drafted the coolest dudes ever so now that team is sick. Fair enough. When Charlotte got a new team, they picked the name ‘Bobcats’ because their owners first name at the time was Bob. That was stupid, and they are historically the worst team ever now. Change it up to the Charlotte Air Jordans and lets move on.

Back to the Nets. First, I like keeping the name the same here. But why is there not a basketball net anywhere in the logo? Is this real life? Are they the only pro team without their name in the logo? Since I refuse to look that up I assume its true. My guess here is that Jigga Man really just wants the Brooklyn part to stand out. If this is the case, I motion for them to be called the Brooklyn Marcy Projects or the Brooklyn Hovitos. Come on Jay! That shit, for lack of a better word, is cray. Even the Brooklyn Throne would have better better/amazing. When they went on a winning streak, Sportscenter could just say “Watch the Throne on their win streak…” and then drop the N-word in Paris beat. Endless opportunities are here. Get me a Front Office job ASAP!

Ashy Larry: #1 fan of the Brooklyn Marcy Projects

So the logo is obviously going for an old school feel. I get it, I see it, and if thats the goal then well done. At first I thought it was dumb, but now that I’ve seen some of the swag that goes a long with it, I kinda like it. The shirts and the hats are pretty awesome, and hopefully the unis are cool too. Black and white always works for a basketball jersey, just ask 16 year old Green Eggs AAU squad. Black and white is very baller, so this has good potential.

Green Eggs doin the damn thang

Maybe they are trying to get away from their losing ways. Nets are historically a bad team, except when they made back to back finals appearances in 2002 and 2003 (for the record that was when the East was miserable, the Celts lost to them both years, and the Celts were awful). So maybe this new look with old school flair and baller color scheme will ignite some wins under their bums. But will they be any better next year? Minus the star power up front (Mikhail the Rich, S Dot Carter and Avery Johnson) who do they have? Deron Williams might skip town next year. That means they have Kris Kardashian and Gerald Green Windmill Dunk left to play basketball. Can’t win games with only 2 dudes. I don’t know who else is on that team and quite frankly I don’t care. They need to draft the Kentucky Wildcats straight up. The UniBrow and Kidd-Gilchrist (from NJ) would look fresh in some Sean Carter unis. This is the only way.

In summary, if the unis are cool, I’m all in. I have a feeling Brooklyn Nets hats are going to be the new Yankees/White Sox hats among the rap community. If so, I deserve all the credit and probably some cash considerations, because as we all know Young Jeezy and Gucci Mayne read our blog daily. That’s just a straight up fact.

– Green Eggs Over Easy and Pink Ham



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