FTK TTV Cee Lo vs. Skee Lo

27 04 2012

That’s the truth right there.


Lately we’ve been straying away from the original formula of tossing you one fresh track followed by one throwback track. One might attribute this to the lack of quality new music coming out lately, because frankly it has been slim pickinz. Well today Chef De McGriddlecakes is back in the kitchen with a piping hot track from Slaughterhouse Feat. Cee Lo.

Usually I’m not a huge Cee Lo Green fan. I mean Gnarles Barkley was legit, I’ll give him that but other than ‘Crazy’ they never really dropped a track that made me want to listen to it more than a couple times. Plus I saw him in concert at Lollapalooza before the Eminem show and he seriously layed a T-Rex sized egg. Dude was dressed up like a fat Raiders fan with a Scarlet Letter-esque black dress on. I think he was trying to be edgy but he just looked like a dumbass. From what I remember he sang a few songs, yelled at the audience and bolted 20 minutes early. Just a poor showing if I’ve ever seen one. Well his hook on this Slaughterhouse cut might have slightly redeemed him, at least for the time being.

FTK: Slaughterhouse Feat. Cee Lo – My Life

So I’m thinkin, why waste everyone’s time with an old school Cee Lo song when I can toss everyone a WAY better old school Skee Lo song? A bit of a one hit wonder yes, but you can’t deny ‘I Wish’ was a killer jam. So it begs the question, Cee Lo vs. Skee Lo? Head to head as musicians I guess you’d probably have to give the nod to Cee Lo, but head to head in a rumble I’d probably roll Skee Lo. Dude just seems like he could toss Cee Lo Green a couple vicious haymakers. Plus Skee was on Baywatch Nights, so instant bonus points right there. Jury’s still out on this one. How bout you cats decide.

TTV: Skee Lo – I Wish


Enjoy the weekend everyone.






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