TTV & Underrated Hottie

20 04 2012

Couldn’t decide which one I wanted to kick of this Friday with, so we’re going to hit you with a best of both worlds scenario. Couple a’ jams to get your weekend started right and a few pics of an underrated hottie I’ve been diggin on for a decent while now.

A couple weeks ago whilst chillaxing poolside with 5 Piece he brought up an often forgotten hip hop legend: Xzibit. For some reason XtotheZ has always had a place in my ‘dudes I wanna chill with before I die’ list. Maybe it was his many years as hilarious host of Pimp My Ride, maybe it was his oscar worthy performance in Gridiron Gang, I don’t really know. I mean truth be told he hasn’t exactly been toppin the charts with hits lately (or ever). Plus recently I heard word that dude is pullin a Wesley Snipes with his taxes. Whatever though. Xzibit is a west coast legend through and through.

TTV 1: Xzibit – Multiply

TTV 2 : Dr. Dre Feat Eminem & Xzibit – What’s the Difference?

Now to the moment ya’ll been waiting for. Underrated hottie of the week. Which overlooked Hollywood babe is JD going to pick this week? How about a lil lady named Tia Carrere?

Most of you probably remember this Filipino minx from Wayne’s World. Maybe even her pretty awesome top-selling Playboy spread from 2003. Yes, her prime might be behind her as she’s now 45 but can you say milf city? Clearly still lookin good. For some reason she’s never mentioned in most hottest Asians conversation. I don’t get it. I mean which Asian actress is hotter than Tia? Lucy Liu? I’m too afraid she’d karate chop my sack off. The chick from Grey’s Anatomy? Sandra Oh no way. See what I did there? Mayyybe Tila Tequila if you’re into dirty reality TV prostitutes. I’m probably missing plenty but you get my point. Tia is still murdering it at age 45. Gotta toss out a couple Kudos bars to that.


Happy Friday Mime Compadres. Let’s party like champions this weekend.






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