TTV Double Up

9 04 2012

Quick apology to all TODM compadres around the globe, we’ve been slackin hard in the new posts department lately. Part of that is due to a couple Mimes going completely off duty in Las Vegas for the past week. Kind of hard to write when you’re getting robbed blind by a 65 year old Asian Blackjack dealer, am I right 5piece?

Good news is jah boi, Griddlecakes, made out like Nick Papageorgio. Well, not quite but you get the general idea. Pockets were swoll on the ride home.

Well everyone’s back and according to Neil, our security guy, Mime headquarters doors should reopen at 6am sharp tomorrow morning. They don’t call us the blog game Jabbawockeez for nothing. We’ll be back to wowing JC Chasez and the rest of the judges with a fresh collection of moves to the musical stylings of Kenny G. I hope Lil Mama is cool with smooth jazz.

My bad that kind of just took an America’s Best Dance Crew turn down comparison lane. Shoutout to Randy Jackson. I see you dogg.

Anways, we’re gonna kick the week of with a TTV x2. All these stacks of CDs in the vault are piling up faster than flapjacks at Paul Bunyan’s house so we gotta go old school twice, start cutting into the stash.

This weeks choice: Ludacris

Why Luda?

Welp, I recently saw a music video filmed in what looks like the Hard Rock Hotel, where we stayed in Vegas, by My Darkest Days (some new Canadian rockers). The song? Porn Star Dancing. Any guest stars? How about Luda? Boom. Any one else? Yeah, ahh, Chad Kroger. The Mime doesn’t hate on Chad. The entire world might but TODM thinks he’s a boss.

TTV-1: Ludacris Ft. DMX – Put Your Money

TTV-2: Ludacris Ft. DTP – Growing Pains

Look for more laughs throughout the week.

G’nite yall





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