Underreaction Monday: Kentucky Basketball

26 03 2012

Ok ok, so we all knew Kentucky was good. Number 1 overall seed, number 1 overall unibrow, and so on and so forth. But goddamn they are unstoppable. I mean, Baylor Gang is a legit sick team and they ran them out of the state. I have no doubt in my mind they are going to cruise to a championship. It is not that I am claiming I called this…everyone knew they would win but I don’t think we knew that it would be this easy for them.

Going into it, I figured they could lose to a team like Kansas or UNC, or even Baylor. All three teams have just as much talent, or so I thought. Anthony Davis is other wordly, and Kidd-Gilchrist is just plain sick. Doron Lamb and the homie Terrence Jones aren’t even in the top 3 players for this team, which is ridiculous. I don’t even think Lamb starts. He would be the best player on most of Division 1 teams.

So obviously they have the talent, but their best players are Freshman so I thought maybe the pressure and spotlight would get to them. I thought wrong. They seem to be channeling their inner Fab Five but bringing it much harder. Of course, if Anthony Davis calls a timeout they don’t have in the championship game vs. UNC, that would be hilarious. And considering they are all for sure getting paid by Coach Cal, much like the Fab Five got hooked up, that could lead to an eerily similar fate. But enough Fab Five talk, back to Underreaction Monday.

One thing I never understood was the big wigs like Jay “Can You Tell I Played At Duke?” Bilas or Digger “Can You Tell I Coached At Notre Dame?” Phelps is that they said one thing that could stop Kentucky is the point guard play of Marcus Teague. Umm….what? That dude is so ill its not even fair. His older brother is tearing up the L with the Hawks, and coming out of high school Marcus was rated better. Soo…where’s the issue? Obviously this kid is going to the draft this spring and knows a good tourney run will boost his stock. Plus when all you have to do is Lob City it up to Davis/Jones/Kidd-Gilchrist/Lamb all day, life gets pretty easy.

Another reason people doubted this squad was to look at Coach Caliparis past One and Done teams. Like, the John Wall-Boogie Cousins-Eric Bledsoe team for example. That team didn’t win it all because Boogie and Bledsoe are the two biggest shit heads ever. Anthony Davis is a million times better/smarter than Boogie, and give me Marcus Teague over Drew Bledsoe erryday. You obviously can’t win a championship when your second best player is a migraine of a player.

So who knows how this Final Four will play out. My guess is that Kentucky will easily win a championship, but then have it stripped away because Calipari couldn’t help himself when he gave the entire team free cars and hookers. But that’s neither here nor there. Lets watch the wildcats do the damn thing and crush bitches for the W.

~Green Eggs N Pink HAM




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