Ginger Snapz

26 03 2012

Lately we’ve been catchin some mad flack for not dropping much in the way of posts about hot chicks. Weird right? Thought our core viewers were mostly made up of elderly Hebrew widows, Serbian hookers and angry possums. Guess I’m way off.

I figured I’ll give the peebles what they want. Green Eggs kicks the day off with a baller breakdown of Kentucky basketball, I wind things up with some pictures of a hot babe. Everyones a winner.

Well last night I got to admiring SI Swimsuit’s own Cintia Dicker. Dicker? Hardly even know er, amiright? Seriously though, she’s by far my favorite redhead in the game right now. Maybe I’m late to market on this, maybe not. Either way, check it:

Just legendary stuff. It’s gotta be since 7th grade Social Studies when we caught a couple National Geographic nippies in a video about isolated tribes of Uganda since I’ve been this hard. Could she really be the hottest ginger on this planet right now? Probably, right? Then my roomate tossed me aNSFW link with some topless shots from Egotastic. Good gracious mcfuck. Yep. She’s got my vote no question. Whoever doesn’t agree is a straight up moron.

After I finally cleaned up in my shorts picked my jaw up off the ground, I started thinking about MFK scenarios with famous gingers. While MFK is one of the greatest games ever invented, it’s kind of over used. Like it’s awesome and all but the more I play the more I try to come up with an alternative to it.

Divorce – Handjob – Paralyze? Nah, paralyze is too mean. Is it weird that I feel more comfortable theoretically killing a hot chick than I do paralyzing one? Elope – Blowjob – Decapitate? That one just doesn’t feel right. I don’t know. Does anyone have an alterative to Marry Fuck Kill?? Let me know.

In the mean time, one more pic of ya gurl, Cintia.


Peace yalls.





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