FTK TTV: Ice Cube

22 03 2012

So we’re kinda late to market on this one. Apparently the script for the N.W.A biopic movie is 75% done and ‘progressing at high speeds’. When I first heard this online early last week my mind was working overtime to channel Dougie Gottlieb in my quest for a perfect bracket. Kind of threw it aside. Well now all my brackets are fuckin sucking ass and I realized that this is great news. So in honor of Ice Cube, who seems to be spearheading the whole movie operation, The Mime has an Ice Cube FTK-TTV. Except the track from the kitchen has kinda been sittin in the freezer for a few years. Good news though, de-thawed it. Still fresh.

FTK – Ice Cube ft. Snoop Dogg – Go To Church

TTV – Ice Cube – Yo Know How We Do It


Bonus Clip – Ice Cube fist fighting a deer in Are We There Yet?


Even nature is afraid of The Cube. Thank god shorty got some action shots on that disposable camera.









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