From The Kitchen To The Vault

8 03 2012

As always, at the Mime were all about making our reader’s days a little bit better. It might come in the form of a vicious rant about Stan Van Gundy’s mustache or maybe its a flaming hot pic of Aunt Becky’s side boob. It might even be a terribly written and grammatical error-riden post that you and your English major dickshaft friends can giggle at for days. In the wise words of Peter Griffin, I don’t know. I’m not a doctor.

Well today we’ve got a treat for your ears. Brand new to The Mime. Formula is simple, really. We step into the kitchen to find a piping hot track, fresh off the stove. Then we head down into the depths of the TODM vault and find a track by the same artist from long, long ago. One minute your mind is blown by new music. The next, your ear drums are taking a smooth trip down memory lane. Simple as that.

From the Kitchen: Bun B Feat Royce Da 5’9″ & Redman – Stop Playin’

From the Vault: UGK – Front, Back & Side to Side




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