New Kid on the Block

4 03 2012

Sorry ladies, this aint Donnie Wahlberg walkin into these offices. Unfortunately, it’s just me, Green Eggs n Pink Ham, the blogging superstar. I’ve been around this game for a minute so when i saw my home boys were dippin their toes in the proverbial water, I had to get a piece of this action. They have been gracious to accept me into their worlds and hopefully I won’t disappoint.

Anyways, I wanna give you guys a little insight as to who I am. JD McGriddles gave you the raw numbers in the last post (all accurate) but I’ve also got some intangibles. My t-shirts are exclusively t-shirt jerseys, and if I’m not wearing those then I’m probably day drinking with an actual jersey on. I also founded the Sunday Hungover Basketball League, which features only the brightest and best hungover/still drunk players in all the land. Anyways, thats pretty much all you need to know about me. Jerseys, day drinking and hungover basketball. Boom.

So I guess thats it. This is a pretty gay intro post but hey, yall need to know where I’m at. I feel like if you know me better you’ll actually enjoy my writing, but thats a pretty dumb thought process so never mind. If you guys want me to get to know you better, just write a lil about you write up in the comment section. I won’t read them, but it might be a fun exercise for you. Either way, I’ll be back later this week with a better post about everyone’s favorite TV show, Jersey Shore.

– Green Eggs n Pink Ham

P.S. Did you guys see Rondo today? Talk about going HAM.




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